The Wolf Is In The Closet
0 comment Wednesday, May 14, 2014 |

already in one of vogue hommes international editorial, i decided to show real furs, i mean what guys would wear
cause in mags it's just surreal, some real tough guys with mink furs, or with very big furs as if they were from russia or scandinavia
and in this case, u have to admit that they just don't try to sell furs but they show theirs too !!

by the way, I'm still into that thing that guys are wearing them now in a more feminine way than usually
there's so much examples of p.diddy, or pharell williams (the worst)
all those hip hop moguls love that !
but i think it's greater if u adopt a hippie look
or just in a very simple and smart way
like here :

all those pics are from :