They Became What They Once Hated
0 comment Wednesday, May 14, 2014 |
It's always funny cuz when im visitin other blogs i have remarked people are not that much into Carine Roitfeld
i mean they agree that she's really talented and that everyone loves Vogue Paris but that's all :(
i guess they shouldnt forget she's in the 100 most influential list from Time this year and that all the catwalks show now begin with her
so about her style, i have notes recently that the one shouldered black dress was an essential in Roitfeld's closet
i guess it's sexier than a normal dress and absolutely avant-garde in a way !!
therefore, if some really wanna try to copy well om pretty sure they wont succeed but it's one rule not to forget !
ps : why is she obsessed with the Balmain dresses ? are they that comfortable ? or is it Carine tryin to make the world buy some ?