Ready To Jump
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To me death is Shelley�s famous line: to wake up from 'the dream of life�." Isn�t that the same thing? "Yes, but I wait for the surprise. Everything changes, except death. Billions have died before us, so it can�t be that bad. Karl Lagerfeld

god another great quote by the Kaiser
and if u'r interested, u should read the entire article at the women's timeonline website !!
it seems like this man is an open book, ready to give his audience somethin to talk about !!! i have to say that i agree with him
even if death seems tragic at first, maybe there's somethin hidden
who knows !? the french writer Charles Baudelaire said in " les fleurs du Mal " in his last poem called " le voyage " somethin that I've never forget cuz it's so true and it may be the best way to think to have a better life
here what he says
" To the abyss' depths, Heaven or Hell, does it matter?
To the depths of the Unknown to find something new! "