Of Course I Have Been Savin Smiles For You
0 comment Sunday, May 18, 2014 |
well why would i feel sad this week ?
i could because I'm still not sure if I'm comin to paris or what !!?
plus I've got so much work from school so im tired and exhausted
then I've got this exhibition im workin on which will be open the 25th of april
so so so excited about it and finally life with it's up and down !!
but no !! not this week !! get out sadness !!!
well the real reason is that Paris fashion week has officially started
and there's one runaway i still have my eyes on it !! BALENCIAGA
god this kid (already 30) is a genius !! im just amazed by Nicolas Ghesquière great designs !! seemingly more than ever wearable !!! that's a premiere for the master of futuristic female clothes !! i believe he's the new Margiela
everything is wonderfull, clean and fresh, still in black
but who cares ? i have no words to describe it !!
technically, the allure is still under-construction so with works on shoulders for example !! i loved the tissue too ! very lighting and glitterin too but not too much
ligns are geometrical but in some cases with some greek dresses styles !! the dress like an "armure" is still present a lot
and by the way i noticed the collection was much more sexy
more appealin !! maybe that's the thing
strict but sexy
ps : dont u think this collection is a bit transitional ? maybe much better next season no ?