That's Definitely My Achilles Tendon !!!!
0 comment Sunday, May 18, 2014 |

let's be honest with my audience !!! i have no no time !! no time to blog, no time to chat !! ok im sendin like 20 or more emails a day, givin lots of calls !!! and i just forgot to mention i have school !! yeah im goin to a cinema school and it starts today !! oh god are they tryin to prevent me from goin to the parisian fashion week or what !!!? and I'll be in that fuckin hospital-like school from 9 AM to 17 AM so I'll miss a lot of designers !! oh and let's amdit it now, bloggers arent designers best friends :::( there's some exception tough but if u cant bring them the money, then they're not interested !! ok see ya !!
hopefully i got some contacts ! sometimes nice but silly or really major but damn busy ! but who cares !! so i felt this morning like Terron Wood in the latest issue of Hercules mag !! i have to pretend, act differently, please them or be so rude !!!!!! the fashion life is about acting !! and everybody looks at u like they wanna steal what u got on or rape u when they're drunk !! we felt it yesterday night at the Lee Cooper party ! it's already time to leave !! I'll be right back with pictures i took ! no worries !