Just For Champagne Bubbles, Glitters In My Pie And A Bit of Golden
Feathers On My Crown ! ++++++
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There's nothin better to heal, to get rid of a depression than to travel !! especially when you choose Morocco !! warm, sunny and colorfull !!! yeah while all our favorite fashionistas, dressed in black sharp outfits are fighting at the Met Ball party, we're all tanning, getting a lot of fun under the summer light !!? yeah the Vogue Italia team was right choosin to team with Sasha Pivovarova for a moroccian stylish moment !! plus as we all have to fit inside a size zero skirt or slim pant !!!! i'd definitely choose that baba-cool look !! very hippie girl meets Aladin & Jasmin ::!!!! wonder however where's the magic carpet and little monkey ::!!!!? yeah yeah wake up Meisel !!!