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what to say when u'r lucky enough having one good friend workin at Alexander Mcqueen !!!!? yeah I've attended this show !! I've done lots of other shows as well !! but fashion week is killin my body, our bodies !! yeah we dont eat, we run, we wait in the cold, we see the clothes and then back in the car, on a bus for another trip.....from 10 am to 10 pm for seven days !!! oops yeah !! i know my skin is suffering and my feets are also hurt !! but who cares when u see this result !!? who wouldnt suffer for that !!!?
ps : it seems to me that McQueen meant with this collection " fuck the crisis " !!! even Galliano at Dior didnt wasted as much money as before !! hell lame :!!!!!!!!

( all pictures by me )