Wanna Live In Anaheim Ladies !! Yes Thats Predictable
0 comment Monday, May 19, 2014 |

well if you allow myself to give advices, i would say that luck is somethin you never carry forever with u ! there's the golden days and the normal one !!! and i guess today is a normal one !! shit shit shit !!! but never mind as it helps you appreciate more and more what you have !! so today it was the Balmain show that i wanted to attend !!! the Balmain effect that we all look for !!! sexy little dresses, vamp allure, rock & roll spirit !! and i guess we all have once seen Carine Roitfeld in all those little nice outfits !! so it just logic and evident that everyone would show up there !!! and everyone knows Balmain is the new Miu Miu - Balenciaga - Raf Simons brand that all the models like !!! so the collection was simply great tough we've seen many same version with just a little somethin that has been changed !! but who cares !!? it's already difficult findin the right recipes so as to sell so let's hope the audience were not already bored !!!

the main things we can copy from Christophe Decarnin designs are the clouds like jeans !!! seen on a lot of socialites lately !!! the pink little one-shouldered dress !!! the marine coat !! seen at Burberry or Costume National !! the robotic-futuro like dress like Balenciaga, fresh shades and the diamons-river high heels !! ps : Anna Selezneva opened and closed Balmain !!! the new favorite girl ? tomorrow im attendin a cool show !! be right back