And Anyway.........................
0 comment Monday, May 19, 2014 |
okay stop yellin guys !!! yessssssss.....i can definitely hear u moaning !!
the Chanel pictures are out and some kind of controversy is in the air !!
let's be honest, Karl loves Amy !!
we cant deny this and even if im not that sure Coco Chanel would agree with that, but that's an artist vision and choice !! so fuck off !
for me Amy is really an icon !! not just becuz she's real and open-minded but because she has self-confidence !! doesnt give a fuck about what people says
so in a way that's exactly what the new generations need !! we need a HERO !! not spiderman cuz he is fuckin Kristen and Tarzan's with Jane !! so stop pretendin !!

by the way the pictures are cute and im happy to see Coco Rocha in such a good way !! most of the time she looks fat or a bit space !!
i mean she's a new kind of model ! maybe a bit like Casta !! very curvy woman !!
so seein her doin runaway shows with a large waist made me feel so uncomfortable for her !! here she's absolutely gorgeous !!!
very modern face !!!
go Coco !!