Cuz I Got You Under My Skin But I Know I Could Feel Bad
0 comment Sunday, June 1, 2014 |

Mags, mags, mags, today everything is done with the cover !! but first let me tell you the story ! i was actually suppose to post about Purple mag amazin new cover !!! so funny, so girlie, with the american designer goddess Diane Von Furstenberg ( that im so tired of ) smillin and havin fun in a fuckin cool Margiela wig coat id wear !!! im so so jealous ! im sure the issue is amazin and clever and definitely witty as usually !! unic !! then i received an email from Nicola Formichetti with the new Dazed and Confused cool cover with Ash and Eliza, the model couple ! but let me tell you somethin, they're no longer dating !! in Paris i went to a club and chat a bit with Mr Ashley Stymest and he was pretty busy kissin another woman !! so let's stop with the gossip and lies !! but yeah i admit, im lovin the cover picture !! fierce and daring as usually ! my pleasure !! and finally i get to see the new ID mag twelve covers, celebrating british models from Kate to Lily, to party girl Alice Dellall, to punk-rock dolls with Aggyness and Eliza or black beauties Naomi and Jourdan ! and we end with the supermodels Stella Tennant or Jasmine Le Bon ! but i have one question, where's Lily Cole or Karen Elson !!? who deserve more than Daisy to me !! yeah im a bit disappointed !! Alek Wek would also have been such a good choice instead of seein the same old faces ! i also vote for diversity but let's stop with commercial and marketing choices and choose amazin people that truly deserve bein there ! yeah i just hope the content is much better !!!!
ps : im a bit sad about Katie Grand new mag " Love " as i find the covers not funny enough ! and somethin is lackin...maybe time no !!? oh and it has been confirmed !! the woman on the march issue of Vogue US is Michelle Obama !! i need that issue too !!!