I Love Pisces And I Have Nice Relations With Virgos But Lions
0 comment Sunday, June 1, 2014 |

fashion and music can exists even if it's always a bit borin to see the singers tryin to battle with models
so for this new " fashion rocks " publication by Condé Nast, the gifted former N-Sync singer Justin Timberlake is gracin the cover
it's funny to see he's tryin (or maybe they dressed him) to play Lagerfeld with this classic black and white look which is lame
and totally borin knowin Justin looks better with a t-shirt and a blue jean
moreover i thought Amy Winehouse would have been better
after all, Karl did his Chanel collection in London usin the british singer peculiar make up and hairstyle on every model !! oh and he invited Amy to the Fendi party in Paris for the opening of their new parisian shop ! plus Rei Kawakubo, the great mind and designer behind Comme Des Garçons has also agreed she has been inspired by the UK troubled babe for her latest runaway show !! major right !!?
so what the hell is Justin doin here !! ok he has done Givenchy !! but who cares !!! well Tisci is amazin but his ad was a bit disappointed and cliched for me
now i just wanna see the whole mag !! it seems like the editorial with Sasha and Andre 3000 are just gonna blow our minds !! houray great news !