If Dreams Are Made of Imagination, Im Not Afraid of My Own Creation
0 comment Monday, June 2, 2014 |
black may not be really back altough some nice brands manage to make them exist !! so im actually talkin about Victoria's secret and the lovely Chanel Iman
unfortunaly for us guys, there's no lingerie from Victoria for us !! only perfumes !! I've already found the perfect one sorry !!
it's interestin to see that if they picked Chanel, she's only featured in the Pink collection which is not the one, boys are spendin three hours on each model
but Chanel's body seems absolutely perfect so what's the problem !?
is it simply because most studies show that guys love and prefer blondes !!?
okay it's true that the world is goin mad right now
and that all the brands are fightin to keep sellin three billions of dollars per years !! but the customer is the king no !!? i said i want black models !!
is it the hardest thing to ask !! hell
ps : the bike is becomin successfull !!
maybe i need to buy one in Paris !