Let's Use Our Magic Carpet To Reach The Sun
0 comment Wednesday, June 4, 2014 |

Charlize is back here for italian brand Breil Milano
we can all agree she's really nice here !! as usually !
by the way im never bored of her, because even if she's the typical beach blond girl, she always shows she's not vulgar, nor sexy as Pamela Anderson if u know what i mean !! so well i couldnt agree more with this choice
the last one is my very favorite !!! she's so " jolie "
however im lovin real models so much and im sure a lot of pretty girls would have done this the same way or much better
but i guess to earn money and make the customer buy and recognize your product, u need a famous face ! u need somethin or someone who would make people remember u !!
sorry but there's too many ads everywhere !!! in Japan a study showed that people in a day are exposed to more than a thousand advertissements !!!! unbelievable right ?!!!!