Exclusive Interview With Sarah De Colette
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Her name isnt popular if you type it on google.com and you probably wont get any answers either if you ask the people in general but the fashion/art/design world knows a lot about her !! yes she's the girl behind the hypest and most talked about parisian shop right now called " Colette " ! what an honour is it again getting an interview of such a visionnaire, gifted and interesting woman ! Merci Sarah ! however i know a lot of people would have liked to see a picture or more of her !! but everyone knows the artist just disappears behind his work of art as it symbolizes pretty well how genius he is !!! so just enjoy this chic glimpse !! and check their website for their great music and exclusive offers !!! i just need the Gareth Pugh and Jeremy Scott perfume only availables there !! i told you it's hype :)

1- First why is the shop called " Colette " ? Is it really your mother name ? And isnt it a bit cliché for a shop knowin it's a very french name ?
Sarah : Yes it is, but that's not the reason. We wanted a French and Parisian name so we thought it would be a good choice. We like the contrast of the old name with our modern space.
2- By the way it's also very paradoxical comparing the very french and traditional name, Colette, mixed with some high-fashion, hype and couture brands. Was it a commercial trick ?
Sarah : No, it was not a trick at all, it was simply how we wanted to built the store: a modern lifestyle store with products we like.
3- How do you explain your success ? Why is the Colette label so powerfull right now ?
Sarah : It's always difficult to explain but we're happy that people like the way we work, like our selection, like the fact that we change the display and the window every week. Maybe they realised also that we always try to think about how to surprised them tomorrow and not sleeping on some passed success.
4- I adore the concept of the water bar !! But when are you gonna have an oxygen bar ? Like in Tokyo ? Wouldnt it be wicked ?
Sarah : Oxygen bars are forbidden in France.

5- You have also released a CD called Colette Express !!? Do you plan to launch an international tour for example ? And do you have other projects like that ?
Sarah : We launched many colette compilation since our opening and this one is the last one, like a Fedex envelop to send. We already did a tour, Paris-NY-Tokyo for colette N�5.
6- So i read that you're the one shopping for the shop ! Is it a hard job ?
Sarah : I am buyer and creative director and even if it's a non-stop job, it's honestly a great one, as it's always very inspiring to keep meeting great designers.
7- Most important question, how are you choosing which brand is going to be shown ?it must be an honour for a lot of young designers ! or artist ?
Sarah : It's just very spontaneous, I just follow my heart!! And you know, it's also an honour as well for us to have the possibility to launch new designers or artists.

8- So you're always inviting famous artist like Ryan McGinley or Dan Colen! What is the most important thing you look in an artist ? if i want to exhibit at Colette, what do i need ?
Sarah : Since March 1997, we change monthly exhibitions...and believe me, there is no rules.
9- By the way, you seem to be really influenced by the Purple mag team, artistic vision or fashionable point of view. Do you admit it and why ?
Sarah : Purple is a very important visual reference, but i don't feel influenced by their work. We just share some taste for some artists.
10- Why is Olivier Zham so iconic from your point of view ? you are even selling some candles with him on the box which is very lovely !
Sarah : Olivier Zahm became a sex-symbol!!!

11- I was also wondering knowin you opened one pop-up concept store with Commes des Garcons in Tokyo and one in New York with Gap, so in which city the upcomin one is gonna be settled ? and with which brand are you going to team for the next one ?
Sarah : Surprise!!!!
12- I would also like to have your point of view on fashion. Where do you think it is going ?
Sarah : ..everywhere!!!!
13- Just before closing the interview, do you know or do you have any ideas of what is going to happen to Colette in the future ?
Sarah : Always in evolution...so we never know.
14- And finally what is stylish today ?
Sarah : I don't know you but I'm sure you are!!

ps : a big thank to Sarah since i know she's so and so busy even tough we get more shots of her at parties by The Cobrasnake than behind a computer !! but who cares !! and thanks to Guillaume also !! the guy from the public relation service !! this wouldnt have been possible without you !!