Terms No Matter, I Am On Fire
0 comment Tuesday, June 3, 2014 |

the last issue of Numéro 94 is just wonderfull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
even if the cover is not the best
but the content and editorials are really really wicked
it's definitely their best issue from years !
by the way i am not that much into givin a mag issue a main theme
actually it's a big problem cuz at the end, the editor is just doin some very stereotyped visions !!! for example here it was normal and classic to see mermaids, water, sea shells.....etc
as u can see the name of the issue is " Naiade " that means in french naiad or water nymth !! logical right ?!! however the result is definitely better than some Vogue editorials !! so shut up !

so im just in love with Coco Rocha one !!
so so cool !! very Gwen Stefani for me
then there's the one with model Vlada !! absolutely cool
the mermaid theme like is really cool even if i dont know who the model is !!! do u ?????
and i saved the best for last, with one of my top five favorite model : Carmen Kass
love u babe !!
so there's only one thing to do : buy it !!