There's A Thousand You But Only One Me !
0 comment Tuesday, June 3, 2014 |

i never thought i would be one day buyin a bag ! i mean it's not really usefull for a guy knowin i dont carry makeup, three hundred lipsticks, yeah yeah girls i know it !!! some pictures of the family, boyfriend and kids !! oh and they have pills and medicine also ! lots of cards and papers and bills !!! their three cellphones so they can loose one !! haha i know im a bit mean but it's true !! so for me, guys and bags arent really workin ! i guess it's a sociological issue ! but now the trends have changed ! the moods also ! and i feel like it's cute to carry a nice bag instead of havin a suitcase which is perfect for a 50 year-old business man !! but for me !!? by the way it's a Marc Jacobs tote bag !! now i can play the socialite in the streets of Paris !!!!! C'est la folie