But You Wont See Me Naked ! So Stop Dreamin
0 comment Tuesday, June 3, 2014 |

im lovin this spread from the latest editorial from Vogue Italia. big and impressive styling, lovin all that silver and metallic look. Yeah i feel like in those hard times the more you can glitter, the better you look !! haha Lagerfeld was right sayin the bling-bling years are gone but now it appears in a softer way ! i mean not so softer but interestingly enough to make each of us look fab !!! as u all know, i am in Paris, goin to the shows yesterday at Kris Van Assche and Gareth Pugh and today I'll be attendin Balmain, Rick Owens.....lots of pictures and stories to write !!!! dont know where to start
but please forgive me not for posting as much as before