Is There A Fee ? Man Keep Me Posted ! Nice Weekend !!!
0 comment Tuesday, June 3, 2014 |

im so so sorry not havin posted any images from the Paris menswear shows !!!! actually I've been watchin too many shows, went to too many parties and ended up tired and dirty, my skin suffering....but i have rested and i truly feel better now !! ready for the pret a porter in Paris !! god it's exciting no !!? so what are the conclusion about this new season ! first, i think we shouldnt worry about all those people complainin guys are loosing virility as elegance has nothin to do with it! in fact, the boys at Lanvin as you can see here, were romantic, quite charmin and effortlessly chic :) yeah it was a pure magic moment !
ps : let's save up money because i need this whole collection !!! more and more next in magazines !!! be right back

(all pictures by me)