I Can Definitely Cry Out My Blues
0 comment Monday, June 2, 2014 |

im lovin the Aberta Ferretti campaign by Steven Meisel
as usually, im thrilled by her philosophia
the clothes are particulary shinin with gowns that looked like Lanvin, Prada or Miu Miu designs and the atmosphere remind me of a Vogue Italia spread !
just brilliant !! and the girls except Siri Tollerod are new in the business !!thus there's Anna Maria Jagodzinska and Magdalena Frackowiak and Viktoriya Sasonkina
i cant add anything !! just excited to see them closer !
and i hope I'll get to see such beauties in the parisian or milanese subways !!

the Prada campaign is much more complex and hard to define
in a way im kind of disappointed, the clothes arent appealin and Linda looks like she asked for too much botox at the hospital last year
however it seems like Miuccia's always a step before everyone
so the pleasure we'll get, usually comes when everyone is copyin no !!?
that's why i try not to focus too much on it
by the way Meisel has shot this too !!
maybe he's the photographer of the year !! (not again ! gasps)